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Featured Story The Bourbon King’s Unlikely Road to Success

Long before the former Maker’s Mark CEO, Bill Samuels Jr., entered the Bourbon business he was just a spry young adult eagerly awaiting the day he could get behind the wheel. Unknown to Samuels, the summer he learned to drive would be the summer that changed everything. On the way home from getting his driver’s

Featured Story Wild Turkey Distillery: Challenging Traditions for a Brighter Future

It can be said that only a rich past can usher in a bold future. The same can be said for Wild Turkey – a brand that respects the past while embracing the future – a brand with a history of craftsmanship and tradition that goes beyond the expected. Wild Turkey’s story begins with the

Featured Story The Delicious Journey of Eggnog: From Posset to Modern Classic

The history of eggnog is a fascinating tale of a drink that has evolved over time to become a beloved holiday tradition. Eggnog is thought to have originated in Britain, where it was known as “posset.” Posset was a drink made from hot milk and ale or wine, often sweetened with honey. This drink was

Featured Story Martha Washington’s Revolutionary Rum Punch

Martha Washington was well-known for her love of entertaining, and one of her signature cocktails was a delicious rum punch. According to historical records, Martha learned the recipe for this punch from her mother, who was a skilled cook and hostess in her own right. The rum punch was a favorite among Martha’s guests, who


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Destination Distillery is the premier resource for connecting experts and enthusiasts across the United States with the best distilleries each town has to offer. Destination Distillery Explorer – created by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States – encompasses the names and locations of spirits trails and their distilleries in a single database that makes exploring and discovering new spirits easy and fun.

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