Tennessee Whiskey
Tennessee Whiskey
American Whiskey (Tennessee Whiskey)

Tennessee whiskey can only come from the state of Tennessee. It is very similar to bourbon, since it must be made from 51 per cent corn and is generally produced in column stills and matured in new charred-oak barrels. However, what makes Tennessee whiskey different than bourbon is that it is filtered through maple wood charcoal before it goes into the barrel. This extra filtration step is known as the “Lincoln County Process” and helps to soften and smooth out the spirit. Other whiskies, such as bourbon or rye, which are made in the state of Tennessee do not have to be made using the Lincoln County Process.

frequently asked questions

What are Characteristics of Tennessee Whiskey?

The charcoal filtration is said to create a more distinctive mellow richness and dark color.

What Region is Tennessee Whiskey From?

Can only be made in Tennessee

What Grains are in Tennessee Whiskey?

Follows the “Bourbon rules” (at least 51% corn)

Did you know?

In 2013, the Tennessee General Assembly codified the rules for producing Tennessee whiskey..

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