Starting with a meager 23-gallon copper still and a dream, second-generation Irish-American cousins Tom Murray, Mike and Jim Larkin, along with a small team of friends and family, set out to create a legacy. Drawing on each other’s passion and skill sets, the team began distilling high-quality, small-batch spirits. Distilled to perfection, packaged with pride and delivered with cheer, MurLarkey embodies the Irish heritage, culture and love for life upon which it was founded.

Today MurLarkey is leading the VA Craft scene, garnering over 40 international spirits awards and tasting room experience. Named twice a best distillery in Travel & Leisure’s “The 25 Best Distilleries in the US”, MurLarkey is an icon of the Virginia Spirits Trail.

MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, LLC. (MDS) is a successful distillery founded in 2014. It is the brainchild of 2nd generation Irish-American first-cousins Michael (Mike) Larkin, James (Jim) Larkin and Thomas (Tom) Murray, who after years of successful individual careers, decided to join forces and form a family business.

The brand has gained tremendous recognition throughout the DC, MD, and VA Market. Visitors to the distillery enjoy the “MurLarkey Experience” – learning about MurLarkey’s unique and delicious, award-winning spirits, how they are produced and of course tasting them in a flight or a cocktail. MurLarkey was named the 4th best distillery in the United States by Travel & Leisure, and is the fastest growing craft distillery in Virginia. The Company’s social media accounts have over 30,000 followers (@murlarkey), its newsletter enjoys over 8000 subscribers and blogs, YouTube and other channels produce thousands of new and returning visitors each month.

MurLarkey has earned over 40 international and domestic awards in the last 48 months – making MurLarkey the most awarded VA Distillery in that time span. These awards include multiple Gold, Silver, Bronze and Best in Category medals at San Francisco World Spirits Competition (the most prestigious competition in the world), ADI – American Distillers Institute (the most prestigious for craft distilling), New York International Spirits Competition. MurLarkey has been featured by a multitude of industry media outlets: magazines, TV coverage / appearances, social media & blogs.

In 2021 MurLarkey was awarded the Prince William County Human Rights Award for its quick, selfless action of pivoting from producing alcohol to hand sanitizer and donating / distributing it to countless individuals in need. MurLarkey’s award was entered into the US Congressional record as a result.

MurLarkey currently sells its products direct to consumer on-site at their distillery store and distributes its products via Virginia ABC through their state-wide network of ABC stores. MurLarkey also distributes in Washington DC, MD, and DE through BREAKTHRU Beverage Corp., a national distributor of wine and spirits.

The Distillery’s “Tasting & Observation Room” caters to foot-traffic and retail patrons. Customers can enjoy samples of the company’s premium, handcrafted spirits while getting a first-hand look at an operating distillery. MurLarkey offers the DC metroplex a truly unique experience and is consistently ranked as one of the best and busiest Distilleries in VA and the US.

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