Utah’s Spirit Trail

The Utah Spirits Trail emphasizes the importance of “Local First.” See how farmers, distillers, blenders, and more work together to create spirits unique to Utah. This tour will teach you how artful distilling really is and the history behind what’s in your glass.

Utah’s Spirit Trail
South Salt Lake, UT

Dented Brick Distillery

The distillery is named in honor of the well driller that drilled the artesian well at the distillery — the source of water for our spirits. The well driller was killed in a gunfight that left impressions on the bricks of his house. These “dented bricks” were incorporated into the new distillery building and gave us our name.

Utah’s distilling history runs even deeper than we knew. We learned that Utah’s spirit history goes back as far as Kentucky’s, and has iconic figures like Hugh Moon — with a story to rival even Jack Daniels. ‍With the first reference to Utah distilling, in 1857, Henry Moon’s diary reveals that he lost $100 worth of mash in a rainstorm.‍

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