VICARIO creates Gin and 18 award winning liqueurs from their own farm grown ingredients and from a considerable compendium of knowledge. Visitors are offered a plethora of sensory experiences and a deep understanding of the many aromatic herbs and historical traditions and processes involved in Italian liqueurs made in South Carolina followed by an outstanding tasting experience in an artfully restored farm house.

At VICARIO micro-distillery and farm, we create Gin and fifteen different liqueurs from a considerable compendium of knowledge of the historical, cultural and mythological characteristics of the herbs, spices, nuts and fruits which have been used for many centuries in liqueur making. The garden is in our glass. Folks can visit our farm and facility and take a tour that is a sensory experience where they can see, touch, smell and taste many of the farm fresh ingredients grown right behind our processing facility that go into our award-winning liqueurs. Other ingredients come from our other farm, in Tuscany Italy offering a rich array of estate grown elements. From our farm in Italy we collect Olive Leaves, Artichokes, Mirto, a resinous Mediterranean myrtle berry, and rare and endangered sour cherries we brought back to life, the Visciole di Cantiano, and then we gently place our collections under spirits in stainless steel containers, and then ship them to Greer, South Carolina where we do a bit more magic with these precious ingredients. Just steps behind our tasting room in Greer, we grow French Tarragon for the VICARIO Dragoncello, Lavender for the Gin, Lemon Verbena for the Herba Luisa Liqueur, Cardoons for the Artichoke liqueur, and in the greenhouse we grow two herbs for the Vicario Amore Mio Aperitivo: Dittany of Crete, a fuzzy Greek type of oregano, and Wall Germander, an herb that was historically used as a medicinal herb for the treatment of gout and sometimes as a component of Venice treacle, a medical concoction originally formulated by the Greeks in the 1st century AD.

It is only because we know about the historical purposes, cultural significance and ancient mythology surrounding the herbs that we can tell their stories. It is only because we grow these specific plants and source others from quality organic growers that we can extract their amazing volatile oils and flavor properties, resulting in an outstanding taste experience.

The primary mission is to offer an outstanding taste experience. The herbs, fruits, and spices, if not grown directly by the Vicario family, are sourced organically grown or wild harvested, from the regions and places of the world where the plants are renowned for exceptional quality and taste, presenting the best of terroir in every element. These efforts are recognized immediately when tasted. Well-balanced, highly intriguing, sophisticated and complex, yet simply delightful, Vicario Liqueurs and Spirits stimulate the senses and give pleasure to the table.


Proud members of SC Distillery Guild

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