At R/Farm Distillery, we represent the Farmer’s Spirit. For farmers, harvest signifies the culmination of a job well done. For us, it also represents a new beginning. We plant, harvest and distill the corn, wheat and rye that create our signature whiskey spirits. From Field to Finish, we own the process like we have for generations – with hard work, integrity, perseverance and, most importantly, as family. Because that’s what farmers do.

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Missouri Spirits Expedition

R/Farm Distilling Co. is a true farm distillery. Being farmers, we believe that good whiskey starts with good ground. Our distillery is planted in the heart of Holt County, Missouri on top of the Loess Hills, some of the most unique soil in the world. When you visit our distillery, you will get a full sensory experience. Guests will experience our process from Field to Finish. Steps from the still, you can enjoy the views of the countryside and Missouri River bottom, step foot on the ground that raised our crops, feel the grains that start our process, and, of course, taste our signature homegrown spirts.

R/Story began with a heritage of hard work. In the 1930’s, our great-grandparents decided to make Holt County, Missouri home. Since then our family has lived the farmer’s script – work hard, pray for rain, and hope for generous grain prices. Generation after generation we’ve followed the example of our predecessors, growing the farm through hard work and perseverance. Farmers face many challenges, and though we believe the future is bright we want to provide opportunities for future generations as well as our community. Recognizing the challenges, we flipped the script on the typical farmer’s story. Don’t get us wrong, we are still farmers through and through and always will be. We have simply directed a portion of our farmer’s spirit towards making premium whiskey for you to enjoy. From R/Farm and R/Family to yours.

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