One family, one farm, one great idea… It begins in 1896, when J.T. Meleck had the crazy idea to grow his 1st rice on 20 acres of marshland in s. Louisiana. Against the odds, the name J.T. Meleck became synonymous with Louisiana rice, but to us he is great, great uncle John.

Four generations later we still grow rice – and now crawfish – on the same 20 acres as our Uncle John. We’ve grown since then but we are still as connected to the dirt as J.T. Meleck.

I began thinking, what if we could make a great spirit from our rice? It would make our Uncle John proud. The result is something truly special. It’s an American Rice Vodka, born right here on our farm, just off hwy 35 in Branch, LA.

We´re proud to take our rice from grain to glass. We work the dirt and grow the seed, just like Uncle John did. That’s why we’ve named it J.T. Meleck. Because our crazy idea has managed to create a whole new Louisiana classic. One that goes straight from our farm to your front porch.

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