Our legendary apple wood smoked whiskey is carefully handcrafted and aged to perfection in our small batch distillery in Fairport, NY. We use ingredients from American farms and water from the glacier-formed Finger Lakes. The character of Iron Smoke is distinct… smooth tasting with a whisper of sweet apple wood smoke.

It all started back in 2011, in the backyard over some whiskey and a loaded smoker when our founder and chief trailblazer – musician Tommy Brunett, came up with the concept of combining two great American past times: great bourbon/whiskey making with an added subtle hint of Applewood BBQ’s smoked goodness.

Our internationally acclaimed NYS farm distillery in Fairport, NY is where the magic happens. The farm folk within a crow flying distance to our grain silos dump in their freshest and finest where our master distiller and crew ever so lightly smoke some of the grains on our handmade smokin’ machine. The apple wood smell is savored for miles by the locals.

We’ve got giant brass tub stills shipped all the way from the underbelly of Kentucky from our good friends at Vendome. Our swill swirls, spins and churns until only the finest of the finest is aged properly, bottled and delivered to your own local watering holes. Whiskey up and enjoy!

Your Pal, Skully

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