Brain Brew Custom Whiskey is a craft whiskey distillery in Cincinnati that enables everyone to create their personal bourbon just like it was in the 1800s. Joe Girgash and Doug Hall founded Brain Brew as a spin-off from its sister company Eureka! Ranch, an innovation training and consulting company. Brain Brew offers three ways to create personal bourbon: through in-person experiences, home experiences, and an internet experience. The distillery also produces and bottles whiskey for its collaboration partners: WoodCraft Franchising, Dexter Bourbon, and Noble Oak.

Did you know that in the 1800s, most whiskey was purchased from whiskey merchants who were barrel blenders? They would buy whiskey from farmers and distilleries. Then, they would blend various barrels together to unlock different tastes depending on their customer’s preferences.

In Cincinnati, there were over 100 barrel blenders and even more all over the world! One of the most famous barrel blenders was Johnnie Walker in Scotland. Today, with our custom bourbon offerings, we are returning bourbon to its roots in the 1800s. Or said another way we are returning bourbon to being, “Of the People – By the People – For the People”.

Discover custom bourbon RIGHT NOW for FREE by visiting to create your personal recipe online! You can virtually taste your recipe using our tasting notes. Cheers!

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